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Sweet Kisses and a Love Story Between Actors Kim Hee-sun and Yoo Hae-jin

Movie 'Honeysweet' to be Released on August 15th - Actors Kim Hee-sun and Yoo Hae-jin's Love Story

Actress Kim Hee-sun is approaching the public after a long time with the movie ‘Sweetness’.

The movie “Honeysweet,” starring Kim Hee-sun, is a sweet love story film that takes place when “Chi-ho” (actor: Yoo Hae-jin), a genius snack company researcher who loves “snacks,” meets “Il-young” (actor: Kim Hee-sun) with a positive mind.

Kim Hee-sun has a personality that solves everything positively, and one day, she has a special first meeting with Yoo Hae-jin, who has a special charm, and builds a special relationship based on a positive mind.

Kim Hee-sun has returned with a new film more than 20 years after the 2003 film “A Man Who Went To Mars.”

Kim Hee-sun said, “I think it’s my fault to appear in a movie after a long time,” adding, “When I was in a movie, I always thought that the score was up to the actors as well as the number of audiences in the movie. I was very afraid of it. “I couldn’t decide to be willing because it seemed to lead to a public evaluation of my acting and a small audience,” he said.

Director Lee Han also wrote a handwritten letter carefully to cast Kim Hee-sun.

Kim Hee-sun said, “The director asked for more time. But one day, the director wrote a handwritten letter. He explained why I should play Ilyoung by writing down the two sheets of A4 paper. I was very touched, and I decided to think about why I had to think about it when there was a director who needed me like this,” he said.

The sweet romance of Kim Hee-sun and Yoo Hae-jin, just like the title of the movie, occupies many scenes in the film. From pure love to adorable skinship, you can encounter various facets.


Especially, Kim Hee-sun expressed her thoughts about the kissing scene in the car theater, saying, “I worried too much about this scene. In fact, when it comes to romance, I’ve seen many male leads take the lead and pull the woman along. I haven’t been very proactive in being more intense or daring with physical affection towards a man. I agonized over it. I should have been more intense, but ‘Oppa’ (Yoo Hae-jin) couldn’t hold back his laughter,” she said.

Actress Kim Hee-sun was born in 1977. She won the Grand Prize at the ‘Beautiful Face Contest’ in 1992 and began her acting career with the TV drama ‘Dinosaur Teacher’ in 1993. Celebrating 30 years since the start of her acting career, Kim Hee-sun, a renowned beauty in Korea, still boasts her beautiful looks.


The movie ‘Honeysweet,’ starring actors Kim Hee-sun and Yoo Hae-jin, will be released on August 15th

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