girl group aespa releases new song Better Things

aespa : New song Better Things to be released simultaneously worldwide on the 18th

The k-pop girl group ‘aespa’ released an English single ‘Better Things’ at 1pm on the 18th.

Having released their third mini-album ‘MY WORLD’ in May, aespa continues their non-stop movement by announcing a new song in 3 months.

In particular, the new song ‘Better Things’ was pre-released at the LA concert in the US held on the 13th (local time) and received great love from fans.

‘Better Things’ is a minimal up-tempo dance song with rhythmic percussion sounds and unique rhythm patterns.

Bright chords and melodies suitable for summer amplify the refreshing feeling.

The music video released together contains aespa with a mysterious aqua atmosphere.

Aespa, who released an English single, is on tour in 14 major cities in the Americas and Europe.

Meanwhile, the aespa music video is on the verge of reaching 10 million views within 11 hours of its release.


AESPA member introduction



Real name: Yu Jimin

Born: April 11, 2000

Nationality: Korea

Height: 167.8cm

Blood type: B

instagram :



Real name: Aeri Uchinaga

Born: October 30, 2000

Height: 164cm

Blood type: O

Nationality: Japan

instagram :



Real name: Kim Minjeong

Born: January 1, 2001

Height: 165cm

Blood type:  A

Nationality: Korea

instagram :



Real name: Ning Yìzhuó

Born: October 23, 2002

Height: 161cm

Blood type: O

Nationality: China

instagram :


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